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Your next holiday is in safe hands


Create your Perfect Celebration

So that you can maximise your value by spending more quality time with those you love

Leah Gage Travel Weddings

We assist with all types of romance travel including proposal packages, marriages, renewal of vows, civil union ceremonies, anniversaries, and honeymoons.


What Make Us Different​

You are unique and that’s why we tailor every experience exclusively for each client.
No two couples are the same – neither are any two of our celebrations.

Holidays create memorable moments in life

When you’re trusting someone to organise your holiday, you want to know they have your best interests at heart.

That’s why we’re passionate about listening and asking questions. By learning about the things you enjoy, your expectations and previous experiences, we can truly understand what you’re looking for in your ideal escape.

Our packages are intentionally custom because you deserve a remarkable holiday designed for you.

We can help with a wedding, honeymoon, or celebration travel plan both within Australia and overseas. With our practised eyes, we are ready to personally scope out locations and provide you with reliable advice.

Why should you use a travel specialist?

You want good listeners who will ask you a lot of questions – people who will give you an experience tailored just for you rather than a standard, off-the-shelf package. You want someone curious and adventurous who will personally scope out a destination so that every recommendation is knowledgeable and heartfelt. You want experts with a practiced eye and attention to detail rather than relying on the opinions of unknown people posting on TripAdvisor. You want seasoned travelers who love what they do because their joy will inevitably be reflected in your holiday.

Genuine enthusiasm, curiosity and wonder underpin our excitement about tourism. When you choose us, you’re also working with certified experts. We offer a ‘best price guarantee’, so you can confidently commit knowing your investment costs no more than it would directly.

In addition to our qualifications, you’ll be well cared for as you entrust us with your next adventure.  

  • President of Women in Tourism International Alliance (WITIA) and member since 2007
  • Triple tertiary qualified in Retail Travel, Wholesale Travel, and Tourism Information Services
  • Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist Association member in Australia since 2013 See Listing
  • Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) South East Queensland former committee member